Color Correcting

Color Corrrecting is all the rage these days as many brands have recently launched their own shades to help with problematic areas. I’ll start off by giving you a quick overview of how each color is meant to enhance your skin.

Orange: Corrects dark circles and deep discoloration

Green: Corrects redness from pimples, acne scars or widespread redness such as rosacea.

Purple: Corrects dull skin as well as yellow spots by neutralizing 

Pink/Peach/Salmon Shades help to brighten an area and mask signs of fatigue.

Yellow Corrects purple/blue veins, bruises etc. Good for evenning out skintone.

Now that we’ve got that covered I wanted to talk about the two colors I recently purchased and my thoughts on them. I purchased the Sephora Collection Bright Future Color Correctors ($14) in the Green and Melon shades, (Green once again is for redness and the Melon shade is basically a darker hue of peach helps promote brightness under the eye area). I will say that I really liked the melon shade but the green shade did nothing for the minor redness I have. They both have thin consistencies which make them great to blend, but I find that the green one is a bit too thin and it sort of looses its pigmentation once you begin to blend it. It barely covered any of my redness even while adding a second layer. The Melon shade did not eliminate all darkness under my eyes but it did cancel some of it out and really gave my under eyes the “awake” look.


  I like to apply the correctors with the applicator and blend them out with my fingers or either brush shown above.

Top Brush: Zoeva #110 Face Shape Brush

Middle Brush: Real Techniques deluxe crease brush

Third Brush: Zoeva #142 Concealer Buffer Brush

I hope this post was helpful for those still a bit confused about what color correcting really means. Note: Correctors aren’t necessarily a must have item for everyone, all depends on your need for it.

Till my next post,

Gwen, xx

Glittery Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I am currently down in the sunshine state with my family celebrating the holidays, eating, shopping and more eating! Being in the Christmas spirit and all I wanted to create a look involving lots of glitter. I chose the color green but kept the rest of my makeup pretty neutral. Check it out…


To create this eye look I used the two bottom brown shades in the Stila “mind” palette for the crease. I then used the green eyeshadow called Jade from the Lorac Pro two palette for the eyelid. Followed by some Urban Decay bondage weightless makeup adhesive I proceeded to wet my eyeshadow brush with MAC fix plus and gently patted the glitter onto my lids, (Glitter is from the craft store Michaels).





There are you have it my friends a fun and festive Christmas look (you can use any color of your choice).

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Duo Spring Looks

Spring is upon us and although the temperatures may vary considerably depending on your location, the following are two looks based off staple classic spring pieces and trends. I bought this crop top from TJMAXX and I instantly fell in love with the scallop detailing and fresh mint color (also available in navy, blue and coral). It also features full button closure in the back. I paired my new find first with old season taupe forever 21 pants and floral chunky heels (also forever 21). The combination of neutrals and florals with a pop of color also inspired a more flirty look featuring these old season forever 21 floral shorts and charlotte russe nude pumps. Both looks are appropriate for warmer weather and the different patterns are kept to a minimal keeping the focus on the lovely top. Links to items below! Also stay tuned for my sisters post on a fresh spring face look!








– ❤ ARi


TJMAXX Scalloped Top

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