New product alert: Covergirl Review 

Hi there lovelies! Fun news: Covergirl was gracious enough to contact us and mail out two new products that are just about to launch! Super exciting right? One of my favorites from Covergirl is the Lashblast Fusion Mascara, makes them really pop! Naturally I was elated when we were sent this package with their new mascara and eyeliner. I’ll be demonstrating some before and after photos and of course per usual give you my honest opinion on these products. Let’s begin!


    The mascara is called the “super sizer” and it claims to build up to 400% more corner to corner volume. The applicator brush is made of rubber and it starts off thin and becomes fuller as you reach the top. There are also tiny little bristles in between the larger ones for an added grip on your lashes.  

“Intensify Me” is a liquid liner but has the control of a pencil liner. The paddle shaped tip gives you two looks in one, lay it flat and it creates a thick and dramatic line turn it sideways creating a thin and elegant line.

Here are some before and after photos (now please be kind everyone I am not wearing any concealer and my under eye lines/ bags are insane)

                             Natural Lashes

Two coats of the super size mascara

  Thin application of the intensify me eyeliner

My overall thoughts: I feel the mascara is great for lengthening as you can tell in the photo they practically touched my brows after applying two coats. The formula isn’t too wet or gloopy which I really like and my lashes also appeared darker, this is due to the smaller bristles I mentioned before. Does it volumize your lashes? I don’t think it does as much volumizing as I would like it to. I feel this had a more lengthening affect on me.

On to the liner: I really loved the concept of the paddle tip making super easy to use either side for whichever look you’re going for. The formula dries quickly leaving a satin finish. As I mentioned above I am awful at applying liquid liner but this consistency is really smooth and glides on beautifully!

Thank you again Covergirl. Such a pleasure working with you!

Signing off as

Easy, Breezy Beautiful Cover-Gwen


Fresca Vox Box Review

All I can say is WOW! I received this influentster fresca vox box complimentary in the mail and was amazed at the amount and quality of the products. Each item was sent for testing purposes and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you guys my honest opinion on the products. Lets get started!

influenster, nyc, neutrogenea, skincare, not your mothers, sally hansen,

  1. First things first lets talk about the fact that I was actually in need of shaving cream, bonus! This shaving cream from the brand Pure Silk has a cool spray nozzle and luxurious feel and smell. It lathers well and leaves my skin feeling super smooth. The coolest feature is that the can itself is rust proof aluminum which leaves no room for that unsightly gross brown residue anywhere near your shower.
  2. The neutrogena healthy skin boosters facial cleanser is compared to other neutrogena products. It smells great, minimal lather and not too over drying (although I always use a moisturizer after regardless).
  3. I am obviously already tanned skin but my legs are always a shade lighter then some other parts of my body since they don’t see the light as much. This Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs product goes on smooth, its easy to blend in and a little goes a long way. It just provides a slight wash of color to even out your skin tone (it will not cover any bruises or imperfections as I was hoping). It works well If I was ever in a bind and needed to even out tan lines or my pale legs.
  4. The NYC expert last lip lacquer is definitely top 2 items received in this box. The color pigmentation is outstanding and its not sticky at all. With a pleasant candy smell, high shine and only priced at 3.99 you really can’t lose. I would have never purchased this product and now am obsessed and want to buy all of the colors!
  5. Lastly one of the most surprising and cool items were the Jafra Blends of various mix and match scents. These remind of of essential oils and last a lot longer than some traditional perfumes. The scents vary from Blackberry Juniper Magnolia, Sea Salt Rose Petals and Violet Pomegranate. All of the scents smell spectacular (my favorite being Sea Salt Rose Petals). They are fresh, clean and I love the fact that you can mix and match. Everyones phermones are different and the combinations are endless on different people! You can basically customize your scent and tailor it depending on your mood. Such a cool concept and product and I definitely would purchase the larger bottle in Sea Salt Rose Petals.
  6. I did not try the Not Your Mothers Shampoo and Conditioner seeing as I prefer using curly hair friendlier products (all natural) but Im sure they would go great with my sister Gwen’s hair type and I will be saving them for her to test out.



Thank you once again to Influenster for sending this vox box over for review!


Paris is always a good idea

Another bank holiday has rolled around in England causing the urge to book a quick city break. I chose Paris! the city of lights, one of those most magical and romantic cities of all time (so I’ve heard). I am insanely excited! I wanted to quickly share with you all what I packed for my long weekend getaway. Focusing on makeup and some key pieces I felt were necessary. I also got some fun tips from “Parisian Chic” a style guide by Ines de la Fressange. Let’s begin!

Choosing what makeup to bring is always so hard for me, especially lipsticks I mean how can a girl anticipate what color she’ll want to wear for the next three days? (Champagne problems). I tried to focus on my holy grail products and a variety of what I consider to be classic lip shades.



For clothes I pretty much chose basics ie; jeans, a denim button down, striped t-shirt and a little black dress for a night out. Two pieces I want to give special attention to are my faux leather jacket and side slit blouse. I purchased them both at Newlook.

A motorcycle inspired jacket can easily transform an outfit into chic and edgy. I love the contrast of pairing it with something a bit more feminine to balance out the asthetic of the look.

This side slit blouse is all the rave in London (I’m assuming it is back home as well). I love the slight sexiness it posses as you’re mostly covered up in the chest area but can show off a bit of skin without being too much.

If you haven’t already noticed I am pretty much obsessed with wearing black. Normally I am all about color but lately black pieces have taken over my wardrobe. Wearing black makes me feel like I’m in a classic piece (even if it’s only a plain black t-shirt). This was also confirmed while reading the “Parisian Chic” book.

  Stay tuned for my Paris adventures!

xx Gwen

Maybe she’s born with it 

Spring time is finally upon us! I am so excited to bring out some bolder and brighter lip colors now that the sun has decided to come out and play. Maybelline has launched some fun new products lately including these velvet lipstick pencils. I first purchased two colors from the Maybelline Color Drama range back when I attended London Fashion Weekend. I opted for a deep plum color and a blue toned red. I have recently added some brighter shades to my collection and thought I would share them with you all…

From top to bottom
Fab Orange: A fiery orange toned red perfect for those caliente summer nights!
Fushia Desire: An amazing blue toned hot pink shade, great with a flowy sundress!
Nude Perfection: No better name to describe this peachy beige nude shade, a good option when you’re on the go but need a hint of color on your lips 

These velvet lipsticks glide on your lips just as the name suggests, super velvety! The texture is incredibly creamy and pigmentation is amazing! I do have to say they aren’t as long wearing as you would want them to be but I myself don’t mind having to re-apply every few hours or so. Also, I read a blog post stating that these could possibly be a dupe for the NARS velvet lipstick pencils (I cannot give my personal opinion on this as I do not own the NARS one) but hey for the inexpensive price tag of only £4.99 I would definitely give the Maybelline ones a go!

 (To all my U.S peeps I am not sure if these are being sold back home yet, I know don’t kill me for posting things that aren’t available, I’m sure they will be soon) 

What are some of your favorite bright lip shades for spring? Share down below! 

xx Gwen

Dior Lash Plumping Serum Review

Voluminous, plump, and feathery are all words that come to mind when you think of fabulous lashes. Although I am a huge fan of falsies and the way they open up your eye it’s not always the easiest or fastest task to accomplish. It’s always in my interest for sake of time (since I’m always in a rush) to use products that accentuate and bring out the fullness and length in my own lashes without having to wait for glue to dry or being precise with tweezers. I picked up this Dior lash plumping serum at Sephora in hopes that it would give my lashes the boost they sometimes needed. Diorshow Maximizer acts as a base for your mascara and also a deep conditioner if applied alone at night. It is said the more you use the product it can help your lashes reach their full potential in length and density. A bit on the pricey side, this was a splurge item that is not necessary but totally worth it if you are in the market for a lash product that can stimulate growth and accentuate your natural beauty. Link below!

  • First I apply it to my lashes in a thin coat (it can make your lashes spidery or chunky if you apply too much).
  • Secondly I put on my mascara in a couple of coats as normal. I do not recommend waiting until the serum dries because it makes it ten times harder to come in with regular mascara and comb through when it’s dry. Do it while the white is still prominent and wet perhaps one eye at a time like I do.
  • Lastly I just go about my business as they dry to a perfect shape and length (feel free to use an eyelash curler before for extra drama).

I have not used the product long enough to notice any major differences in growth but I would probably purchase this sometime again in the future once it’s done just based on the fact that it conditions and makes for less damage to my lash and easier removal of the mascara.

christian dior, diorshow maximizer, lash plumping serum, lashes, eyeslashes, review, beauty, blogger

christian dior, diorshow maximizer, lash plumping serum, lashes, eyeslashes, review, beauty, blogger

Light application of serum coat. One tip -It dries from white to clear super fast! Work one eye at time.

Light application of serum coat. One tip -It dries from white to clear super fast! Work one eye at a time for best results.


Diorshow Maximizer Lash Serum– $28.50


Sadly this is my last outfit of the day from my trip 3 weeks ago. This reminiscent journey is coming to an end but I am sure I will have many more travel fun to come this year. On this day my mom and I whisked away for a day trip to Paris without my sister Gwen. On only a couple of hours time we managed to eat lunch inside the Eiffel Tower and tour the well known Louvre Museum as well as take many pictures amongst other things. It was a bit chilly so I opted for comfort and an androgynous aesthetic to keep me warm. My feminine detail came in the form of this amazing Kate Spade Eiffel Tower purse. I purchased this at the Kate Spade outlet in Orlando and although its not roomy I couldn’t help but wear it out for my special day date in the city of Love. Experiencing this trip to three different countries with the two girls I love most (my mom and sister) is going to be one of my most treasured memories. Links to items below!


paris, ootd, fashion, travel,kate spade, aldo, hm, forever 21








HM Jeans
Forever 21 Button Up
HM Sweater
Kate Spade Purse
Aldo Oxfords

Love – Ari

Brows on Fleek

If you’re someone who’s all about makeup I am pretty sure having perfect eyebrows is at the top of your list. I personally would much rather have a nice full set of brows (very Cara Delevingne esque) but hey beggers can’t be choosers right? Which brings me to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. This guy is my ultimate holy grail! Whether I want to go all out “brows on fleek” mode or I want to keep them au naturale looking this tiny little pencil gets the job done! Being the makeup enthusiast that I am, I could never cease to search for other amazing products, which brings me to the Soap and Glory Archery pencil. Holy moly this is basically the same product as the Anastasia but at a more affordable price (Archery: £8/$12 vs. Brow Wiz £15.50/ $21). Here’s a side by side comparison of both.

Left: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the shade Dark Brown/Brunette

Right: Soap and Glory Archery in the shade Hot Chocolate

Both have a twist up pencil/crayon on one end and a spoolie on the other.

Left: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz    Right: Soap and Glory Archery

(Please excuse my eyebrows, they are not on “fleek” at this moment but will be soon)

Left brow: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz   Right brow: Soap and Glory Archery

I filled them in pretty heavily in order to see if there is really a difference in shades. I would say the Soap and Glory Archery has a warmer undertone while the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is a true dark brown hue.

If you were to ask me which product is best, I would honestly say they are both amazing! Archery is a bit more budget friendly, you can find it in a drugstore (Boots in the UK carries Soap and Glory’s entire makeup line), it is highly pigmented and blends in wonderfully. The Brow Wiz is one of Anastasia’s best products as its known to glide on smoothly giving your brows amazing definition. You will not be disappointed with either one of them.

Hope you all enjoyed this side by side comparison of products. I love finding dupes and affordable options for us gals looking to save a few pennies. Are there any products you have an amazing dupe for? Leave your comment/suggestion down below! Also if you can think of any makeup products you would like to find a dupe for, leave me a message as well, I would be happy to be of help!

xx -Gwen

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn-Natural Product Review

Review time!!! So as some of you may or may not know, I have tried to incorporate more natural based products into my beauty regiment starting with the process of growing out my chemical processing and getting my healthy curls back. In my search for new products to try I came across this company called S.W. Basics of Brooklyn. First and foremost the name caught my eye immediately, anything that reminds me of home is so fun for me to support. Started by Adina Grigore, this company uses no more than 5 ingredients in every single one of their products. All responsibly sourced and simple enough to be accessible to everyone yet potent.

  • -100% All natural (not just a sneaky advertising label)
  • Ingredients are either certified organic, fair trade, or sourced from small family farms. This contributes to sustainable agriculture, supports small businesses and healthier communities.
  • Amazing and adorable packaging that can be recycled and reused how you see fit.
  • Did I mention none of the products have more than 5 ingredients? YES PLEASE

I went with the eye makeup remover to start with. It goes on smooth using a cotton round or ball and dosent have a strong scent. Made from just three ingredients super-light organic sweet almond oil, a bit of organic extra-virgin olive oil, and a little jojoba oil a little bit of this product goes a long way. It removes my eye makeup including mascara and can double as a moisturizer. I don’t have to wash off the residue and can actually rub it around my eyes for that sensitive skin area to soak up all the goodness. I am definitely looking forward to trying more of their products in the future including body scrubs and cleansers. Check them out if you have sensitive skin or are just interested in using all natural products. Link Below!

Mascara, you ain't the boss of me.

Mascara, you ain’t the boss of me.

S.W Basics Makeup Remover

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn

Casual Beach Day Essentials- Featuring Dove Dry Spray

New year’s resolution-take advantage of nice weather days more often! Of course the temps took a turn after my sister Gwen left (even though we did enjoy some slight warm days as well). Sunday turned into a sun filled day … Continue reading

NYE Outfits

2015 is here! So many great things have happened this past year and we are so grateful to have been able to spend time together per usual for this holiday season. For our New Years celebration we decided to keep it low key this year (since Gwen is moving to London in a couple of days) and spend time at home with our loved ones. Needless to say, we still found the need to dress up of course. Get all the details down below!


Ari’s Outfit
Dress- Alberto Makali Nordstrom Rack
Shoes – Old season Forever 21
Clip in Hair Extensions –Bellami
Press on Nails- Static Nails

Gwens’ Oufit
Dress- Forever 21
Shoes- Sam & Libby Heels from Target
Press on Nails- Static Nails

new years 5