Winter Skin Banished!

Hi there lovelies! So as you all know I (Gwen) have been in London for the past two and a half months and although it has been slightly warmer these days (It is a gorgeous sunny day as we speak) I still wanted to share the products that have helped calm and hydrate my skin over the winter months.

Here’s a little history on Kiehl’s : they were founded as an old world apothecary in New York City over 150 years ago! They began offering homeopathic and herbal remedies, essential oils, over-the-counter drugs, and the first Kiehl’s brand name products. Today, Kiehl’s is known for their quality skin care and hair care products and are known for mainly selecting naturally derived ingredients as well as using minimal preservatives. 

The Centella Skin Calming Facial Cleanser was recommended to me due to the concerns I expressed to one of the women at the store. The issues I was having were: dry and rough patches of skin and some redness due to some problematic areas (pimples/bumps). It’s key ingredients are Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Tiger Herb which together work to soothe, comfort and heal the skin. This cleanser can be applied on wet or dry skin, using circular motions over the entire face. It is then suggested you remove product with a warm damp cloth. The Ultra Facial Cream is one of Kiehl’s iconic products loved by many and I now know why! This cream is such a light-textured moisturizer that helps to retain moisture within the skin for up to 24 hours! The key ingredients are: Antarcticine (Glycoprotein extract) and Imperata Cylindrica (Desert plant Extract) which together work to prevent dryness and create a lasting hydrating effect on skin. A little goes a long way, I apply a few pea sized dots all over my face (and neck) and again work it in circular and upward motions.

I have been using both of these products over the last two and a half months and have noticed such a difference in my skin! I no longer have dry patches and my skin feels insanely soft and hydrated. I would love to try out a few of their other products as well. Have you ever tried anything from Kiehl’s range? If so let me know which ones down below!  

Till next time,

Gwen xx

Glam Glow BrightMud Eye Treatment Review

Glam Glow Brightmud eye treatment is the ultimate splurge and luxurious go to item when you want to feel fancy and give yourself a boost. It was always something both me and my sister wanted to try but strayed away from due to the hefty price at Sephora. At $69.00 this eye treatment is said to minimize puffiness, dark circles and fine lines while brightening and hydrating the area. What’s great is that it is for all ages, skin types, gender and requires only 3 minutes! I found it at my local marshalls for half the price and couldn’t resist the temptation to buy it and spilt it with my sister. Here are my impressions of the product. Links down below!

  • Pros
    -Super Soft and Hydrating
    -Amazing smell
    -Thick consistency glides and smooth’s well (goes a long way)
    -“Cooling effect”
    -Left under eye soft to the touch but yet firm and “tight”
    -You can take it off in 3 minutes!
  • Cons-
    -Pricey (I was lucky to find it at Marshalls for half the price)
    – I don’t know If it will work with wrinkles and fine lines since I split the box with my sister. I didn’t notice any major difference as far as lines with the ones I had.

I loved this product and give it a thumbs up for those that may suffer from dry skin to keep that sensitive area under your eyes smooth and firm. It is an awesome luxury product that one can splurge on for special occasions or events. Glam glow has various other masks and products that work wonders and are more affordable, all available a Sephora.

glam glow, bright mud, eye mask, beauty


Love, Ari

E45 Cream

This winter I have been battling with the effects of the cold weather against my skin, as with everyone back home I am sure (so glad I am missing out on all of that awful snow NYC has been getting). As usual, my face and hands have taken most of the beating but I am thrilled to say that I have found some products to remedy them. (I will further speak of my new facial skin care, but for now I want to focus on my hands) I discovered E45 cream back in NY when my boss brought some over from a trip to London. I fell in love with the scent and consistency of the cream which is really thick but does not leave a residue behind. So when I stumbled upon E45’s overnight repair and protect cream along with the nourish and restore one I knew I had to give them a try.

E45 is known as Dermatological skin care designed for all skin types, specializing in sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin. They have expanded their line of products with these two hand creams. The overnight repair and protect cream contains vitamin B3 which boosts skin’s natural defenses and enhances cell regeneration while asleep. Its lightweight and non greasy texture absorbs quickly and leaves skin hydrated. The nourish and restore hand cream is lightly fragranced and is specially formulated to not only replenish moisture but also locks it in to help keep skin protected.

These two babies have not left my side and I can truly say my hands are having much better days because of them. I purchased my hand creams at Boots but Superdrug and Amazon carry them as well.

Keep hydrated everyone!

xx Gwen

Sephora Collection Face Mask

Sephora never dissapoints in the skin care department and this face mask collection is no exception! These exclusive masks come in handy when you are in a bind and are compact and slim to fit anywhere. You can get the at home pampering experience on the go, or actually use it at home. Each of the 8 different types serve different purposes. From moisturizing, brightening, anti aging, soothing, energizing and anti blemish any one of your skin needs can be met by one of these awesome sheet mask. Just unfold it from its pacakaging, place on your face and after 15 minutues remove it. You can then gently massage the excess product into the skin and their is no need to rinse! Pefect for planes or long car rides (where you are not driving of course). Pictured below are the two that Ive tried. I enjoy the scent of both, and like how my face feels tighetend and supple afterwards. I am definitely going to be testing these out more extensively on my upcoming long flight to visit Gwen in London!



The best part is they are only $6.00 each! Make sure to pick one up on your next trip to Sephora.


Beauty & Skincare (London Edition)

Boots and Superdrug; two shops that have been screaming my name each time I walk past one. They are basically like the Duane Reade and CVS of New York. I’ve managed to pick up a few things here and there and would like to share them with you all (especially with my peeps over in the U.S, don’t be jealous guys). Here’s a closer look at my purchases (disclaimer one item is from


Zoella Beauty Soak Opera (Superdrug)

This smells absolutely heavenly! If you guys don’t know who Zoella is on youtube then you need to search her right now! She is a UK based blogger/vlogger and is the most adorable thing ever! She created her own line of a few products; bath fizz, body lotion, makeup bags, body mist and this bath soak/shower cream. It’s floral scent takes you to another place and time, combined with the aloe and shea butter your skin will love you for using this.

Tangle Teaser (Boots)

I’ve had my eye on this little guy for quite some time now, but I thought the price was a bit too steep for a hair brush, that is until I used it. I have very fine hair making it super easy to become tangled, this bad boy combed out all of those knots without pulling or breaking my hair. Ultimate score! (I also had to get it because cough, cough I saw Zoella mention it in one of her recent videos, can someone say obsession?) Oh and lastly I love anything black and gold.

Bioderma (Amazon Purchase)

Now this item is something I was super excited to try as it is only sold in the UK or middle east. (I believe it will soon be sold in the U.S) This is a cleansing and makeup removing water that will gently purify your skin. I have often heard people speak of the Sensibio which is the formula for sensitive skin but I opted for the Sebium which is for oily/combination and blemished skin. So far it has done a great job at giving my skin that deep down clean feeling. What more could a girl ask for?

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara (Boots)

I spotted this mascara in the “whats new section” and it’s description immediately caught my eye. It claims to capture and volumize each lash for show stopping eyes. The shape of the brush is also something I had never seen before, I was sold! Here’s a closer look at the wand


Tanya Burr Lashes & Gloss (Superdrug)

Here I go again talking about another one of my other favorite UK blogger/vlogger, I just can’t help myself. Again if you don’t know who Tanya Burr is you need to look her up now! She is one of the UK’s top youtubers and is adorable as well. (I am obsessed with the English accent). She too created her own line which includes makeup, lashes and a book! I picked up the “everyday flutter” lashes which give just a touch of flirtiness to the corners of your eyes. I also picked up her lipgloss in the shade “Chocolate Fondue” which is one of those your lip color but better shades.

Rimmel 60 second nail polish (or varnish as the British say) (Boots)

This bright red-orange shade is called “central love heart”. This is my favorite shade of red to paint my nails with, it is just so fun and vibrant! Perfect for Valentines day!

That is all my friends! Hope you enjoyed it!

For anyone back home (United States) looking to purchase any of these items you can go to: , , or you can always find international items on


Sephora Find- Josie Maran Argan Skincare Ritual Set

I’ve always used the Josie Maran argan oil by itself. This product is 100% organic, chemical free and one of the best kept secrets of Moroccan women up until recent times.Loaded with Vitamin E and fatty acids it helps heal, condition and repair your skin, hair or even nails! I have been suffering from an eczema break out as of lately and decided to try this three-step line of products I found at Sephora. I loved the packaging and also the price! Typically this brand is a bit pricey but for these three convenient sizes I feel like I got a great deal at $24. Link below!

josie maran, argan skincare ritual,

josie maran, argan skincare ritual,

josie maran, argan skincare ritual,

josie maran, argan skincare ritual,

The self heating oil cleanser is applied on a dry face, then with water slowly worked up into a lather. It feels luxurious and my face was baby soft and felt like velvet when I rinsed it off (unlike other drying/stripping products). My face felt balanced and not tight.

The last product’s texture felt like a normal SPF would except its jam packed with vitamins. It protects your skin against the suns rays with SPF 47. My skin was left refreshed but I would not use it as a daily moisturizer for me in particular because my skin has extremely dry patches that need more than this light finish. Its great for when you are on the go or for a light layer of protection on top of your thicker daily face moisturizer (if you have dry patches like me).

All in all Ive noticed a huge difference in my eczema break out as well as the balance and moisture of my skin. It looks and feels healthier when I use these products as a trio.



Josie Maran Argan Skincare Ritual Set

Gwen packs for Puerto Rico

Hey Everyone! So as you previously read my sister and I are going on a very much needed trip. We are so excited to see each other and will hopefully be able to snap a few photos of us together.
Although my packing technique is not as organized as Ari’s I’d like to believe that it is also a good method when trying to figure out what to bring along with you on a trip. So what I generally do is look at all of my products (hair, skin, makeup) and say to myself “will I really use this?” if my answer is no I obviously keep looking, if my answer is yes I place that item aside. Now another thing to consider when traveling is the climate of your destination as well as the duration of your stay. I snapped a few photos of what I will be taking for this trip (Sorry they are not tucked in neatly in my suitcase, I still haven’t officially packed Yikes!)



First order of business is of course suncare! Sunscreen/Sunblock is very much needed when out and about in the sun all day.

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

I know that most hotels and resorts provide lotion, shampoo conditioner and all that good stuff, but I personally like to bring my own things. I normally just buy small clear bottles and pour the product in.

Hair Care

Hair Care

Because we are going to be in the pool or beach most of the time, curly hair will be the way to go.



My skin hasn’t been behaving lately so I am taking a small bottle of acne cleanser and of course can’t forget my dirt, oil and makeup removing wipes.



This may seem like a lot of products but I did add a few items for the nights when we get all dolled up for a night on the town. My daytime essentials will most likely be my cc cream (which has spf), mascara, my brow wiz, a peachy blush and a lip butter or stain. Also check out a great travel piece for storing small items (like makeup) that Ive mentioned in a previous post from Sonia Kashuk. It is affordable and available at any target near you in varying prints and styles.

Hopefully this helped all of you traveling this summer to get an idea of what you should or shouldn’t bring with you.

Puerto Rico here we come!
Hasta Luego

*If you are curious about any product I posted or would like a review please comment down below. Thanks a bunch!

May Birchbox

Hey Everyone! As you know my sister Ari is subscribed to the Ipsy glam monthly bags, she’s been very happy with her goodies so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon as well. I decided I would subscribe to Birchbox, which is pretty much the same concept as the Ipsy bags (except you do not receive a makeup bag with your samples). Upon signing up you are asked a series of questions to create your personalized profile, such as what is your skin type, hair type, whether you would like to receive beauty, skincare and or hair care product samples (I of course opted for all three).

I absolutely love receiving things in the mail, and was so excited when I saw this cute little box sitting at my doorstep. This Month’s box arrived with a little bit of everything. Check below to find out what the items were.



Number 4 high performance hair care Volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This Formula is said to  Gently cleanse and purifies while enhancing hair volume. Color Protecting, Anti-Aging, Sulfate & Sodium Chloride free.The Conditioner is a  Lightweight formula which gives amplified volume, shine and endless body. Adds weightless moisture and body without weighing hair down.

Number 4 high performance hair care Volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This Formula is said to Gently cleanse and purifies while enhancing hair volume. Color Protecting, Anti-Aging, Sulfate & Sodium Chloride free. The Conditioner is a lightweight formula which gives amplified volume, shine and endless body. Adds weightless moisture and body without weighing hair down.

Marcelle BB Golden Glow. It's said to: Provide a healthy glow effect with just the right hint of illumination, Even out skin tone, Offer immediate and long-term hydrating benefits, Protect from premature aging and environmental stresses, Promote skin regeneration, Soothe and calm skin, Reduce the appearance of imperfections and Control shine

Marcelle BB Golden Glow. It’s said to: Provide a healthy glow effect with just the right hint of illumination, even out skin tone, offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits, protects from premature aging and environmental stresses, promotes skin regeneration, soothes and calms, reduces the appearance of imperfections and controls shine.

Cynthia Rowley silver eyeliner

Cynthia Rowley silver eyeliner.

Gilchrist & Soames spa therapy body lotion

Gilchrist & Soames spa therapy body lotion.

There you have it my friends, I am really excited to try the volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I tried the bb cream and it gave me a very luminous finish, very light coverage though.
If any of you are interested in purchasing any of these products you can look on or click on the links I’ve provided below.

Enjoy beauties!

Number 4 hair care
Marcelle BB Cream
Cynthia Rowley Makeup from Birchbox

Winter Moisture

Hey Everyone! How are you all holding up in these freezing temperatures? I feel like this has been one of the coldest winters we New Yorkers have had in a very long time. I need some sun in my life!
Due to all of the frigid winds I have had to change up my skincare routine a bit by adding a moisturizer that will keep my face hydrated all day long. Here are my current top two picks.

Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Moisture Cream (Smoothing Jasmine & Vitamin E)
This moisturizer has a very creamy consistency providing hydration and nourishment to your skin without being too heavy. It settles into the skin without leaving a sticky feeling. I also love the smell, super clean!

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture with Jasmine and Vitamin E

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture with Jasmine and Vitamin E

L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot SPF 30 Day Cream
This moisturizer’s main task is to fade old dark spots as well as prevent new ones from reappearing.( I have a few of these from picking at my pimples) The formula is very thick and rich, perfect for cold days. This product also provides a luminous glow, evening out your overall skin tone.
*Now I cannot say that I have seen a difference on the spots but I do like the coverage and radiancy it gives me.

L'Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot SPF 30 Day Cream

L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot SPF 30 Day Cream

Before I apply my moisturizer I also prep my skin with either an oil or a serum. My two favorites are…

Josie Maran 100 % Organic Argan oil has received wonderful reviews and I too can say that it leaves my skin feeling amazing! It also has vitamin E and essential fatty acids. (I recently learned that oils should be “dabbed” onto the skin not rubbed).

*Also Pictured is the Argan oil with Radiance that my sister bought for me. It leaves my skin super luminous, (I sometimes use it as a highlight above my cheek bones)

L’Oreal Youth Code texture perfector serum fills in pores and fine lines. It really leaves my skin feeling velvety smooth. I am also obsessed with the scent!

Day and Night Regimen

Day and Night Regimen

Night Routine: (after cleansing) apply Josie Maran Argan oil, wait a few minutes until it settles into my skin and then add the Alba Botanica cream. I sometimes skip the cream step or I just add a few drops of the oil to the Alba Botanica moisturizer and dab away!

Day Routine: (after cleansing) I apply the L’Oréal serum and again wait a few minutes until it settles into my skin. Then I proceed to rub some L’Oreal youth code dark spot SPF 30 cream and I am out the door!

There you have it my friends! Don’t forget just because it is winter time doesn’t mean you can skip your SPF (the sun’s rays are still powerful) if you don’t have time to apply yet another product to your face opt for one with SPF already built in!

You can check out more of a detailed description and or purchase any of of these items below. Your local drugstore should carry all of these products (except for the Argan oil, you can find it at Sephora)

Alba Botanica Cream
L’Oréal Youth Code
Argan Oil

Stay Warm & Hydrated!