We are the champions…

As of lately I find myself leaning towards more androgynous or sporty looks. Though this may be a hindrance in the love life department, it is comfortable and very on trend. You can choose to go all out or just incorporate some sporty items in small doses in each outfit. Whether it be a great pair of sneakers or an oversized hoodie, this look is perfect for the colder temperatures and I love pairing it with ultra-sleek hair, a face beat for the gods and one feminine item (just to really distinguish myself from the boys). In this look I am rocking a champion brand t-shirt exclusive to ASOS. It is a size XS from the men’s section and fits great. I paired it with my h&m boyfriend jeans, timberlands and my go to trench jacket for a small cinch at the waist and hint at femininity. This look may not be for everyone and you could easily swap out the timberlands for booties or wear a skinnier jean depending on your comfort level. Links to items below!






Champion T-Shirt- Exclusive to ASOS




Gift Guide-Fashion + Accessories

The holiday season is among us and what better way to show someone you care than to surprise them with something special. I’ve put together a very short list of some go to items this season that will be sure to put a smile on that special someone’s face. Some of the items can be unisex and can be mixed and matched.

Cashmere Scarf– Can be Unisex (lets face it the average guy will never go out and buy themselves a scarf)and is utilitarian as well.
Midi rings– These babies are comparable to bobby pins and hair ties (they seem to go missing randomly) so always keeping a fresh pair around to jazz up any outfit is key.
Funky socks– Because, they’re fun! (Unisex)
Fur pom-pom anything– Whether you go the key chain route or incorporate the trend in your hair tie this look is everywhere this season and can spice up a purse or overall aesthetic.
Flannel– Another unisex option that everyone can get on board with. It can be worn as is, thrown around your waist and goes with almost any and every look known to man.
String Lights/ Marquee Lights– For the inner hipster inside all of us these interesting lights are affordable and can liven any space up.

Links down below!! XOXO- ARI

Untitled #10


Nail Cuticle Tattoos

The little details are what make life that much more interesting. This statement could not be any truer with regards to fashion and accessories. Trends like midi rings and small dainty jewelry are spot on because they are feminine, interesting and don’t overwhelm your look. These nail cuticle tattoos do just the trick! I found them on ASOS and was immediately smitten with the idea of sprucing up my nails more than just stacking rings together. It’s a way to be ornate without having to fully commit to getting some actual permanent ink. These stick on tattoos are perfect for a concert, party or even just worn casually with a great manicure. They are applied just as any other temporary tats and come off with water in the shower. Links at the bottom!

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

nail cuticle tattoos, nails, blogger

ASOS Nail Cuticle Tattoos


The Backpack

Is everyone totally on board with the backpack look? It seems to be one of those trendy pieces that takes a while to grow on some people. Although I am unsure of when it became cool again to rock backpacks I am certainly digging it! A hands free way of lugging around all of your possessions without sacrificing the aesthetic of a handbag is just pure genius! I figured with all of the walking around I’ve been doing in London I needed a stylish yet easy bag to wear while perusing through markets over the weekends (My favorite thing to do). So I went over to Asos.com and saw this faux fur backpack which I fell in love with! It has easily become my new best friend! I love how roomy and easy to carry it is. The faux fur also adds a nice touch to a mostly plain drawstring backpack (or rug sack? living in London has made me question every word that comes out of my mouth). Check out this bad-boy I picked up below as well as some other low & high end options for the spring time.




xx Gwen

Parc de Montjuic -Barcelona OOTD

Barcelona was magical! This city was such a nice contrast to the gloomy city vibes of London. Although still a bit chilly, the sun was out and the vibes were friendly. We took a tour bus and made some stops along the way to explore the beautiful landscape. On this day we visited this park “Parc de Montjuic” and were able to capture some outfit of the day shots after we panicked on the cable cars up the mountain. I was wearing this knit zara black dress with gold accents and detailing. I stayed with my misguided leopard coat, aldo oxfords and tights from the day before and added some funky Pom-Pom socks from ASOS to keep my feet warm and spice up the look. Last but not least this jaw dropping huge pearl choker necklace from ASOS was the standout item. I love the way it makes a statement and can be paired with any simple silhouette. Links to items below as always.



leopard misguided fur coat, zara knit dress, aldo oxfords, asos pearl necklace

leopard misguided fur coat, zara knit dress, aldo oxfords, asos pearl necklace

leopard misguided fur coat, zara knit dress, aldo oxfords, asos pearl necklace

ASOS Faux Pearl Choker

Aldo “Grummer” Oxfords

Missguided Leopard Faux Fur Coat


Sisters in London

First and foremost we would like to apologize for going so many days without posting (we have a good reason, promise!). Ari and our mom came all the way to London to visit me for a few days, it was a short trip but none the less packed with loads of fun! They spilt their time between London, Barcelona & Paris (insane I know).

In this post I want to share an outfit I put together for a day out in London as well as our amazing time at Kettners for Afternoon Tea.

I knew our day in London consisted of loads of walking so I wanted to be comfortable yet polished as we were going to be having Afternoon Tea. I chose this “nothing to wear” tee shirt from Asos which I think is utterly adorable, don’t we all have this problem ladies? Because I chose such a simple top I decided to pair it with my blue velvet skater skirt from Forever 21 which gave the outfit a nice twist to a mostly all black look. I then threw on some tights, my trusty studded boots and my new baby, the Cambridge satchel.

Afternoon Tea at Kettners was absolutely fabulous! I was highly impressed with the array of sandwiches and delicious pastries we were served. My drink of preference is normally coffee but the peppermint tea at Kettners tasted like no other!

It was such a great weekend! One we will never ever forget! I leave you all with a photo of Ari and I in front of Buckingham Palace.  

  Till next time! 

Gwen xx

How to Rock- Polka Dots & Stripes

As some of you may know, mixing prints and patterns has got to be at the top of my all-time favorite things to do. There is nothing better than an outfit that takes all of the guess-work out for you. This mixed print dress is amazing! I found it on clearance on Asos.Com (seriously I stalk this website like no other) and it’s actually no longer available. The brand is River Island and the polka dots and stripes contrast make for a fun and flirty look appropriate for day or night (just switch up your shoes). Featuring a hidden zipper enclosure and slight a-line hem this dress is flattering on any shape. I paired it with my gold cap pumps (old season shoedazzle) and my clear acrylic chain link clutch for a youthful spin. You can opt for a cute pair of flats or even go for a pop of color like red or yellow to offset the monochromatic black and white. Links to similar items below!


image image image

Similar Dresses- Nordstrom, Modcloth, River Island, Paper Dolls, Yesstyle, Forever 21



Halloween Collaboration- Last Minute Costumes

Here are some fun super easy & quick Halloween ideas for those last minute planners like ourselves!

I wanted to go with something that I didnt have to do much and could use items I already owned seeing as thats the true spirit of it being last minute. I thought of my beloved flower crown that I dont get to wear that often (check out my previous Lana Del Ray post on it). Then it came to me, FRIDA KAHLO! I can dress sexy or cute any other time of the year, this day is the one day you can be completely creative and think outside of the box. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter best known for her self portraits featuring her infamous unibrow. Picture of the items I used below! If you are looking for something less obscure scroll down to check out Gwens last minute look!

lorac pro, mascara, nars, makeup, nyc, real techniques, milani, loreal, brow baw, whitening lighting, wet & wild

For all of you last minute gals I too have the perfect look for you and the best part is you wont have to spend much money! A creepy doll/clown is super easy to create and all you need is makeup that you already have at home. You can add to this costume by putting on colorful clothing to make it more clown-ish or a ruffly top to create a more doll-like effect. Check out what I created below… (Photos were taken with my phone, please excuse the quality)



Products used: (I added a lighter foundation for that clown/doll effect)


You can make this look a bit more dramatic by adding black eyeliner to your eyes as well as underneath your bottom lash line. I did not for the sake of time, but I hope you all can still get the feel of it.

Hope you enjoyed!
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Ari & Gwen

“Fall” into the 90’s- Sporty Look

For the second post of the “Fall” into the 90’s 3 part series I wanted to go for a more sportier look then the first. I found this sweatshirt dress on clearance at H&M and have been able to style it so many ways ever since! In thinking about by the 90’s I went the more urban route and paired it with my nike air max sneakers, holographic clutch and can’t forget my tribal tattoo spiral choker set complete with ring and bracelet. I used to rock these chokers in so many different colors and styles back in the day! This dress is super versatile and can also be worn belted with heels for a chilly fall night out on the town. The cute yellow socks with heart print detail are from forever 21 and are best worn on a less cold evening since they are very thin. Check out the bottom for similar items and links.

h&M, hm, air max, nikes, blogger, fashion, sweatshirt dress, holographic, clutch, ootd,ootn

h&M, hm, air max, nikes, blogger, fashion, sweatshirt dress, holographic, clutch, ootd,ootn

h&M, hm, air max, nikes, blogger, fashion, sweatshirt dress, holographic, clutch, ootd,ootn

Excuse the lack of nail polish…I am trying to grow these babies out!

Excuse the lack of nail polish…I am trying to grow these babies out!

h&M, hm, air max, nikes, blogger, fashion, sweatshirt dress, holographic, clutch, ootd,ootn

h&M, hm, air max, nikes, blogger, fashion, sweatshirt dress, holographic, clutch, ootd,ootn

90's Sporty Fashion


-Ari Baby, “Please say the Baby”

Beautycon NYC


Beautycon was in NYC this past weekend for the first time and boy was it fun! For those of you who aren’t familiar with what Beautycon is it is a fashion and beauty conference for the online community, such as bloggers and those who have Youtube channels and it is of course open to the public as well. Beautycon consists of interactive presentations, panel discussions and Q&A’s you are also given the chance to shop, learn about new products and most importantly be able to interact with some of the internet’s beauty icons.Ok on to the really exciting part which is meeting all of your beauty and fashion guru’s, I am thrilled to say that I was able to meet almost all of my favorites. Check out who they were down below! (Some of these photos were taken with my phone which is why they aren’t the best quality)

Amy Pham (Amypham.com)

Amy Pham (Amypham.com)

Teni Panosian from Missmavendotcom

Teni Panosian from Missmavendotcom

Carli (youtube: Carlibybel)

Carli (youtube: Carlibybel)

Brett ( youtube: Brettcap, he's also Carli's boyfriend)

Brett ( youtube: Brettcap, he’s also Carli’s boyfriend)

Raye ( youtube: itsmyrayeraye)

Raye ( youtube: itsmyrayeraye)

Chatting with Maya (youtube: Shamelessmaya)

Chatting with Maya (youtube: Shamelessmaya)

Dulce (youtube: Dulcecandy87)

Dulce (youtube: Dulcecandy87)

Nadia ( Blog: nadiaaboulhosn.com)

Nadia ( Blog: nadiaaboulhosn.com)

There was a pink carpet theme which I thought was super cute! I might have taken it a bit too far with the posing, I thought I was a celebrity for a moment.



Here are my outfit details:
Crop top from Forever21
Striped midi skirt from Asos (curve)
Clog sandals from Maguba (If you live in the NYC area Shoe Market, Tani, DNA footwear and Soula have a small selection of Maguba shoes)

One more thing, I received a huge goodie bag from NYX cosmetics and will be doing a giveaway once we reach 150 followers. I will post the rules as soon as that happens!

Makeup Heaven!

Makeup Heaven!

My outfit pieces are no longer available but here are links to similar items.

Asos Curve Midi
Simplybe Midi skirt
Crop Top
Maguba Bologna clogs

Till next time